Education makes the difference

Michelle has made wonderful progress since entering SSHA’s housing in August 2010. She had completed classes for a two-year degree 
at Seattle Central Community College. After taking a year off to have her baby and spend time with her newborn girl, Jayla, she returned 
to classes last fall and graduated in June with an Associate of Applied Science in Social & Human Services. Michelle promptly applied
for a new Bachelors of Science program offered by SCCC. To her delight she was accepted into the Applied Behavioral Science program.
She is back in school this fall, attending classes four nights a week and working days at a work-study position on campus. Michelle is
very motivated and hopes to eventually earn a Master’s Degree in Psychology. She was recently invited to join Phi Theta Kappa,
the largest and oldest honor society for two-year colleges - quite an accomplishment after coming from a challenging background.
Michelle is a great mom who is organized and is proactive with her paperwork. She is one of the lucky 2,500 people whose name was
drawn in the King County Housing Authority’s lottery for housing vouchers the summer of 2011. She has recently moved into
permanent housing which is convenient for her to complete her degree. Michelle has shown her gratitude to SSHA by sending cards
to the Board of Directors, office staff, and housing case manager, thanking them for this housing opportunity.

New life after family crisis

Alice's sister-in-law called in desperation. Alice and her five boys had been staying with elderly relatives for nine months since Alice’s husband had left them and moved out of state. Alice was about to start school but the situation with her relatives had deteriorated. SSHA was able to move the family into a newly vacant unit. The family’s situation immediately began to stabilize. Alice started her schooling, and her kids were able to stay in their original schools, thanks to a government program designed to help homeless kids stabilize. After about a year, Alice found a job at a large company here in the area, and soon after, received her Section 8 voucher. Alice and her family are now settled in permanent housing and doing well.

Family's hard work pays off

The Sawyer family is a profound example of just how important a stable home is for a family. This family with five children became homeless when dad lost his job. They lived in their car and camped in the state park through the summer, but as weather cooled, they knew they needed to find a place to live. They were finally able to get into shelter, which then referred the family to SSHA. They stayed with us for about 18 months. During that time, Dad found a stable job, Mom home schooled the children, and three of the older children got after-school jobs. The family paid off several debts and saved enough money to pay for the deposit and first month’s rent at a permanent housing program.