Geoff Graham, President
BAE Systems

Teri Ambrozic-Santini, Vice President
United Parcel Service

Barb Brownlow, Secretary
Federal Aviation Administration, retired

Eric Miller, Treasurer
St. Stephen the Martyr church, retired

Eric received an undergraduate degree in Management and Economics from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. After a successful career in Transportation Accounting and Logistics, completed 

a Master Certificate in Church Administration from Villanova University.  Served as Bookkeeper and Parish Administrator of St. Stephen the Martyr Parish until his recent retirement.  Currently serving on the board of St. Stephen Housing Association and member of the Rotary Club of Kent.  Activities include hiking, sailing, swimming and various community service projects.  Eric and his wife have been residents of Renton for 39 years and have 2 sons and one granddaughter.

Debbie Dullenty
CHI Highline Medical Center

Enjoli Harris-Carter
Children’s Hospital

James Jeyaraj
Lighthouse for the Blind

Paul Pasquier
Boeing, retired