To provide housing and support services to families who were homeless so that they can transform their own lives and move toward economic stability.


A world where all families feel safe and secure in their own homes.



We serve others through compassionate listening and engagement. We are humbled by our families’ willingness to share their stories and lives with us.


We strive to create a supportive culture where families, colleagues and supporters work collaboratively. We celebrate successes and learn from failures.


We believe that effective teams are grounded in initiative, communication and accountability. We share training, tools and responsibilities to achieve excellence and provide superb services.


We welcome all people equally and with love. We honor the people we serve and walk alongside them in their journey.

Why we do what we do

Every day we see families who are struggling to put food on the table, keep their children in school, to maintain employment and keep their heads above water. St. Stephen Housing exists to help these families find their way to stability and housing again.